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Наивно-оптимистичный сайлонский тормоз в ромашках


Наивно-оптимистичный сайлонский тормоз в ромашках
Удалёнки. Шипперские. Грустные.

Update: На всякий случай, мало ли пригодится. Сцена с курением в медотсеке. Вот имя детектива я не разобрала :( Остальные ошибки и расстановка знаков запинания тоже мои.
Bill: And so I walked like the beat cop, I used to be. When you walk, you see things in different ways. The street, faces, it all becomes a map for you. A map, that's always changing. But when something is wrong, something is out of place, you notice. The cop's eyes always notice. And those eyes where one thing they couldn't take away from me. What?
Laura: You look spiffy.
Bill: I'm going to the funeral. For the crew that we lost in the accident.
Laura: Open the page sixty one. Don't worry. Cottle won't mind. It's medicinal.
Bill: I can't believe you saved this.
Laura: Do you remember that day?
Bill: Yes. New Caprica. Baltar's Groundbreaking. We talked and talked.
Laura: About a lot of things. Guess what I'm thinking about right now?
Bill: Give me a hint.
Laura: Mountains. A stream running into a little lake. Water so clear, it's like looking through a glass.
Bill: Your cabin. One you wanted to build.
Laura: The one I never did build. It's amazing how much I still think about it. You know, sometimes I wonder… what home is. Is it an actual place? Or is it an absence we carry inside of us. Some kind of longing for something, some kind of connection. You know, I spent my whole life on Caprica. I was born in one house and then I… I moved to another. And then moved into the dorm room in college. And then there was a series of apartments. Mostly loan. I was always looking for… something a little bigger or the perfect couch. And then… This. And then now. I don't think I've ever felt truly at home until these last few months. Here with you. I know you love this ship. You probably love it more than you love me.
Bill: No.
Laura: Yes. And you will miss her. The way you will miss me.
Bill: No. I won't have to.
Laura: Bill, if you don't get us off this ship, you may lose both of us at the same time. Won't you give us a chance? All right. Let's get back to <?> What is he? A Detective.
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